booohooo...not going to phuket after all...............bad weather and they told me it's flooding over the south of thailand, and some places in malaysia...sedihnya, what lah i do here this?

yes habis exam

akhirnya, habis juga exam saya

hari ini i had my fundamental was okay, i hope i'll pass the was easy if i read enough...during the test, mr gerald came to me and saw my face in distraught and he thought that the test was hard, but when he saw the question: what are the 2 benefits of forming a study group, and his reaction was: My Word?!


anyways, the holidays sudah mula for me, but there are still some of my friends who will have exams in about 6 hours from now, and yvette and yvonne are leaving for washington this sad!!!! :(

i'll be going to lotus in about 10 hours and will be off to phuket in a few dayss.....can't wait lah, oklay i don't think i have anything interesting to say in today's blog....


hmmppmmm, so malas lah, it's only 8 pm and i'm not doing anything, i should be doing something productive, not wasting my time away........

i still have 3 more subjects to go: introduction to literature, linguistics and fundamental reading.....

and next week i'm going to phuket!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't believe it....


today i only had 3 classes, but still stayed back at school for the whole day, and i still went to work...hmmmpphhh, i should be paid extra

anyways, i was thinking of what i'm going to do after this sem....i don't know where else to go study lah, and that's really bothering me because the longer i wait, the options of me going out from here would be probably almost impossible.......

was just thinking of the music school that accepted me, and how i really want to go there and study, but KL isn't my 'place' i don't think i would be able to survive there.....and if i go to avondale, i don't know but i don't feel excited about going anywhere yet, what if i just take a break for a year and go back to sabah and work, how would that be.....

probably i need a break, maybe i can go somewhere to get a year's education and come back here to mc, just to enlighten myself!!! ahhahahahahahahahaa

anyways, my first subject will be on thursday, and college grammar will be first!!! matilah, that class is so hard, and the teacher has been assuring us that it won't be that difficult, tengoklah macam nanti, memang susah tu saya tau juga!!!!!!!!

i was just thinking about jc, and our relationship, i'm currently so blur with everything..i don't know what to do larrrrrrrrrrrr

my christmas plans are set!! i'm going to phuket!!!!!!!!! ahhahaha, i know it won't be as nice as before but surely some of the beaches are worth watching.....just noticed how much pimples i have now on my chest and on my back, i was in grammar class today and i was scratching my chest, and i didn't realize i was bleeding until someone told me i got a big red spot right below my left shoulder!!! ahhahaha, saya 'tembus' hihihihihihihihihihi

oklah, i hope that exams will be over soon, and the new term will be in 3 more weeks!!!

december fades away

probably to early to say that! ahhahaha, i went out in the morning this week, twice, to go jogginG! walaupun only jog for 15 minutes then penat already, i had a great was cool and windy, afraid that i'll catch a cold's still early in the morning and my roommates are still sleeping, don't know when they will wake up, i'm surprised because lemuel usually wakes up very early in the morning to go online, probably he's tired today...ahhahahaha, sometimes i feel like we have to fight for the internet line, whoever bangun first will get to use the line, and reconnect and reconnect and reconnect till you can't reconnect anymore....

just yesterday ken asked me whether or not i would like to follow him down to 'somewhere' and i'mso excited about it, i know i'll go there to work but i will probably enjoy myself there...ahhahahaha, anyways, who would want to stay here on campus?! i told dr beulah that i'll work but i think i menyesal say that already...ahhahaha

tomorrow will be my first final exam, human quest 3: the individual and society, so i'll have to finish up all my homework this morning so that i can study this afternoon and tonight! yeah!!!! :D

can't wait to go back to sabah on the 1st~* ahhahahahahaha, it will be great, just hope i won't stumble into some ppl...

The end draws near....

finals are coming....

I have to quit my job at the English Library, i'm having my first finals on friday next week, and i am not done with the project for that class even! well, at least i think i'm ahead of some other people.

The piano recital was great, i was a nervous wreck before the program started...but i think it all went well.....i am proud of myself!!! ahhahaha, just have to start memorizing the pieces for next year's recital...

People are changing now, i guess when we get older, we tend to keep things to ourselves..nothing much to say about that, but it's just that sometimes it's just so damn annoying to see some of our friends making a fit or buat perangai lah.....kalau tidak suka cakap lah terus terang, ini mau berahsia rahsia lagi!

I actually enjoyed linguistics this week, it was good.

bought a new lip balm, i think my old one got lost somewhere here in MC, and i wonder who picked it up and is using it now....ewwwwwwwwwwwww groossssss

people i miss

i miss my family of course, i miss how i always argue with them, i miss how stubborn i can be around them

i miss my friends, all my friends from sass, even when they are so annoying...ehhehehe :D, i miss summer breaks, i miss my bantal busuk...i miss jc.....

i just want to go back for christmas, but i know probably it won't happen....i'll be stuck here doing nothing, wasting money and the worst thing is i'll be doing it allllllllllllllllllllllllll alllllllllllooonneeee

Music Rendezvous

ahhahahah, it was good, for the first time, i wasn't that nervous playing in front of a large was a great experience! unfortunately the string ensemble was reduced to half the size when we came into this new school year, but anyways, they did a really great job! and i deserve a pat on my back also, as deanna always says! :D

tonight there will be a piano recital by piano students here on mission college, and i'm still not sure which piece to play, i probably will play either the first or last movement of beethoven's sonata: pathetique...ehhehehe, itu pun kalau saya berani lah.......

yesterday, was a disaster, it now dawned to me that i have to jaga sikit mulut saya ini, okay, from now i will promise myself, not to say nasty things anymore! ahhahahaha, after yesterday's incident, aku sudah INSAF!!!! :D

realized that i've not been blogging for quite some time..ahhahhahaha :D
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Me and mr gerald, my piano teacher and the conductor of the strings ensemble Posted by Picasa
Lyndelle, jules, and me!! :D Posted by Picasa
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sedang bergaya depan cermin!! :D Posted by Picasa
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Ternampak this beautiful rainbow on the way to Chiang Mai! 10 hours on the road......gillleerrrr... Posted by Picasa
Loy Krathong Beauties, Winner in the middle, 1st runner up is in white and the girl in red is the 2nd runner up Posted by Picasa
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Chiang Mai

YES!!!! I'm gonna have a break this weekend! looking forward to it! sooooooooooo looking forward to shopping again....!!!!! last night we had tina's bday party, and for the first time since last summer! we had a glamour photo shoot with the Beauty contestants for the Loy Krathong Beauty contest!!! :D

ahhahahahaha, Pappu was great taking the pictures!!!! and I edited!!!! :D
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fuck life

life is a journey..yeah totally true...

everything was okay until a few weeks ago, questions popped out, the most i got this past few months were: are u gay? oh my, how serious can that be...well, i'm handling those rumours pretty well right now, but i haven't the slightest idea on how long i could bare with these insults, i feel like going up to 'some guy' and punch him real hard in the stomach, i'm just so pissed off with some ppl right now, hmmpphhhmmmm hate this place so much! :(

i think i'm better off not talking to some particular ppl right now.....and probably lessen me going out from my room! :( life sux, and if u were in my place u would really understand why life isn't great for some ppl like me!

this is something i picked up this week, which i shall remember: people say put the past behind, hahahaha, yeah yeah be sure to forget it, well, unfortunately for me! the past still haunts me! hahahahaha, exciting huh..... life is so unfair, probably better off in some local school in malaysia, or even in sabah! starting to dislike the ppl here......
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and when i am alone, give me jesus

hemmmppmmmmm, it was i again who did the cleaning on sucks, but better just face the reality of it, my room-mates would never budge unless i go around shrieking at them like a banshee!!!!!!!!!! anyways, i did manage to keep my emotions under control.......

and this morning, came back from practise from down under, and my friend, who was apparently not keeping the sabbath, was cursing about how the bad line is...........some shouldn't expect too much, i think......................................

playing the piano again, for the first time after a long time! ahhahaha wish me luck~*

haiya sakit kepala

woke up, well i actually can't say i woke up because i was awake the whole night....steve and tedson was at my room until 3: 33 am!!!!!!!!! giler bangat, and i'm a person who can't sleep if there's the slightest hint of noise and light.....and i'm having a headache now, thanks to them :(
This is the food we had at the party!!!!! sungguh sedap, especially the sayur yang i masak...ehhehehehehehe, mengampu sendiri! but i paling suka the beef yang yvette masak!! sungguh sedap Posted by Picasa