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english test sucks

i am still wondering why i want to major in english, i know i hate that class but i'm still thinking of becoming an english teacher, and to tell the truth, people usually can't understand whenever i'm speaking in english here in MC. that is just so sad, right now i feel very much like going home and potong getah only!

i was sitting next to someone in the library and i think i really have hearing problems, my mother is always telling me to speak loud and clear because she seems to hear only mumbling whenever i'm talking to her, and just now in the library i just found out how i actually spoke to other people. you know when someone you are talking to has to say "What?!" over and over again whenever you're talking to them, i might as well bring a portable mic with me everywhere i go next time! =p

yum yum

just done with my assignments in the library, surfing the net. i wished mission college could do something about their dial up internet connection here because one student is only allowed a two hour period when logged on, this is hard for the students to do their work in the rooms and all of them, although owning their own PC, have to come down to the library to do their work.

the concert on saturday night was great! that was probably my first time to actually perform, well i didn't do any solo performance, i just accompanied some people, as usual! hmmm...so much for practises, i still have practises until the end of the year! boohooo...it seems that the piano can't get enough of my skilled touch! =p
it was windy and dry today, good day to hang out my clothes! got up this morning and i went online and the first person i met was my dear old brother. it has been quite a while since i last met him online, he was busy with this camp in school, we chatted for a few minutes and told me that he would be leaving for new york the next day and he'll be singing in the carnegie hall! i want to go too! yes yes, both my brothers are going traveling this holiday and i'm stuck here in this school!

generally psycho!

got up at 6.30 am this morning, went to school an hour later and was back in the room at 9.20 am! got to chat with kim about going to KL next summer which i think would be quite impossible if i don't work and earn money! why would my parents pay me to go to KL to waste their money! all of the sudden i wished i was in SASS still teaching piano and earning my own money! ...sob... i have three projects due this weekend and i haven't even started with the raw materials... exciting right? the open air concert is next week, and i'm still having practices with this trumpet player! arghhh! he still can't follow the given timing, and i hope that it won't be a disaster. sadly i'll be accompanying 3 performances that night, and the next day i am supposed to go down to BKK with friends but i cancelled because of my piled up assignments! two weeks left to the finals and after the finals, i'll be spending christmas and new year here, in Mission College, even thinking of spending 3 weeks here in this campus frightens me, what am i supposed to do?!?!?!?!?!? (*.*)

sports day

sports day and cultural day in Mission college! wonder how many times do i have to attend this cultural shows. the three months i've been here, i've been to three cultural shows already and it's getting dry! =p sports day was a combination of hot and cold! the sun was out and the wind was blowing the tents away! even heard that someone got knocked down by the tent's steel structure. i didn't quite enjoy sports day until the end of the morning where some really smart guys stole the flags and moved it to somewhere else. it was after lunch when we had the real perang bendera!! that's when i saw some of the girls whom i thought would never go to that extent of fighting back! one of my friends, who is a girl was even kicking a guy who is like 4x the size! that was real cool! i will include some pictures when i get some!
so much for keeping the sabbath...

this is so interesting i just want to post it up! right after church service we went out to one of those stalls outside mission college and had lunch! i didn't even know what my friend ordered! but i was just so hungry and ate but still i didn't eat this particular dish because they were telling me it was daging 'B'. this is not my first time for me to go out on saturdays! we went to sir golden's house after lunch and his house was great! and we took pictures!

selamat sabat!

this is such a wonderful day! i woke up with a stiff neck, and the internet connection is too slow, and i'm eating oatmeal cereal without milk! *sigh* life is great!

history aftermath

history was terrible, not only my seatmate skipped class, our presentation was screwed! there was some masalah teknikal our group leader's computer and our report got mixed up somehow! then the instructor gave our papers back, i got a B- while the rest of the students (students who sit behind and sometimes skip classes) could get an A! this world is so unfair, there are students who sits behind that studies but anyway, i shall keep this to myself and if anyone yang duduk belakang in history class terbaca my blog, maafkan lah daku, i'm mentally unwell and i am now currently receiving treatment from Mission College Adventist Assylum! =p

i had lunch in the cafeteria, like i had and will always continue to do. And sitting with were my friends who are very much different, which i am grateful for. Mr. Markus who just can't seem to get enough out from irritating me was having the time of his life. i went to the bakery to order the Malaysian Rice a.k.a Nasi Lemak and my friend, A asked whether i got an A+ for my history test and B overheard and laughed an are-you-joking-daron-is-stupid-for-an-A kind of laugh. Punya saya maradang! tinguklah nanti final exam!!! me and Di went to take our pictures for yearbook but i ended doing a pole-dancing pose for the photographer, and on my way back to the library they were already imitating what i had just done. hmmmm.....i am SOOOOOOO influential! (^0^)

stuck in the library

here i am sitting around in the library after my humanities class. as usual, my seatmate would be fast asleep and whenever i wake him up and tell him not to sleep he would deny being asleep! Humanities have became more interesting since last week because we started punishing those late comers by asking them to sing or dance in front of the class. we usually have those cool people coming late for class, and last wednesday a group of them were late for the class and we had them demonstrate thai boxing! as for today we didn't have anyone ballet dancing in the classroom, the teacher just reminded the late comers that they would be the class entertainers for the next period and we ended up singing a hebrew song with the lyrics:"may peace come unto us!" ?????

i'm trying to find some articles on some modern historical event which seems to be almost impossible! thinking of history, i dread that class! today we are having a presentation, each group is going to present to the class a chapter from the textbook which has 32 chapters, and we've only reached the 10 or 11th chapter of the book, and i AM sure that we won't have enough time to finish the textbook because school would be over in 3 weeks! (^0^) ...and because the teacher is sooooooooooooooooooooo gemuk that he can't bring himself to talk faster, you know fat people tend to run out of breath quicker~*


Friday is here! It's the end of another week! I am so looking forward to the weekend which I know would be BETE! Bete is an Indonesian term for 'boring time'. I'll be off to class after checking out my new blog! ahhahahahaha =p

Last night, I met these two really annoying people yang benar2 airhead! I was at the library hanging around with my friends when suddenly they blurted out something like this place is for studying. I was like go find somewhere else then, just because they are in a tough major course doesn't mean their the smartest on campus! Anyway, hope those smarta**es merely pass their test! (^_^)