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FORM ONE! me, jeccy, and kim! best prens forever bebeh! Posted by Hello
childrens' or children or children's choir, i don't now which is the correct one, anyway, this is a picture of the very young version of sass kampungans..... Posted by Hello
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ahhahahahaha! was expecting to go to the airport today, but it seemed that clara, the registrar was there earlier, and she was the one who picked lem and mae up from the airport! well so much for preparing the banner for them....i think i will use it when lem comes here~* so happy that he's here! hihihihihihi! anyway, i chatted with my bery kawan akrab, Kimberly Christa Rampasan, and she gave me some really really nice picts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss those times....when i was still young, i know i am still young, but i wished i were younger.....


yes at last! the cafeteria is finally opened! yes, i am never complaining anymore! this is such a great day, and it calls for a celebration! ahhahahaha, i had toasted bread with ham and cheese and macaroni! sungguh sedap! first time i had a proper meal since cuti mula!
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just wanted to do this.....



yeah, i'm listening to emotion by destiny's child! this holiday sucks, i could just imagine if i were back in sabah, i would be in KK doing some major shopping to add to my new wardrobe! but, here i am, stuck in MC, yes the really boring school with nothing going on! even the school clinic is closed! what the hell!! i'm sick now, have been sick since christmas, throwing up and stuff like that! that really makes up for this holiday! my long lost friend...(i don't really know him) is coming tonight, Mr. Mark Simpul, another sabahan freshmen added to the malaysian listing this week, i have my other two very close friends coming this week! i am VERY excited!

i am so looking forward to next semester! and i want to go back home!!!!!!!!!! i just decided to skip next semester's summer class! ahhahahaha! =p i don't give a damn to those classes, i just want to go back! ok then, to end today's blog, i would like to include a proof of me mishandling steve's motorbike....hihihihi

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waiting while cooking! i dyed my hair Posted by Hello

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saying our goodbyes =( Posted by Hello

oscar, marsha, saya, rowena, juji Posted by Hello

me and my younger brother, nathan Posted by Hello

kawan2 Posted by Hello

waiting for the bus to take them to the airport! Posted by Hello

me, jules, choco, and marsha after church Posted by Hello

julie, lorena, marsha, me and oscar...during the sermon Posted by Hello

me playing piano for church service in MC church Posted by Hello

merry christmas to myself

hmmm...this is my first time to celebrate christmas here in my dorm, alone! and to add up to that, i'm having dugal right now! nothing could be better! ahhahahahaha, church service was fine today, during the last hymn, i decided to let oscar play the piano and i went to the organ! t'was fun to play a real organ, where they have complete pedals! easier for my feet to jump around! =p. and of course, marsha and mark sang in church, really nice to play for them again and i think i wouldn't have the chance in the nearest time to play for them anymore, so bored here, i think i'm writing crap right now....so lazy to type................................

bring me to life

listening to evanescence....it's wednesday already, and the holidays will be over in two weeks! time flies, by next week, it would be the end of the year, and school will start all over again! lemual and rowena would be joining us! wohooo! i'm so happy, just practised with mark for church this sabbath! i really envy those who can sing, unlike me.........

pictures taken during reynold's wedding, i have just uploaded! ahhahahahaha, unfortunately, i was too far from the aisle to take pictures of the groom, briede, bridesmaid...etc

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khelex, me, jovitha, amy, roy during reynold's wedding Posted by Hello


i just got back from bangkok yesterday, syok benar!!!!!!!!!!! i wen there on thursday and on friday, we brought lona and the rest of the sabahans to MBK and went shopping, finished a whole lot of my money buying stuff for my family! then on saturday, went to church, but i ended up going out to eat with juji, oscar, and ervin. then after church, we went shopping again and in the evening, after the wedding rehearsal, we went for dinner and we had karaoke! i sang pretty boy by M2M! so bikin malu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway i had a great time, but probably would only go next semester! no money to go anymore.........

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sleeping in the car =p Posted by Hello

psychology test

psychology test was great! not that i knew everything, but the feeling of just getting over my most dreaded subject has gone! ahhahahahahahaha!

i'm done paying my school fees and i'm also happy about that, and plus i'm listening to michelle branch! woohoo! =p

my roomate can't wait for me to move out, hmmmm.....haven't found a room yet! fuck my roomate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

math exam!

today i had my math exam and as usual, after the exam i found out that i had made a few silly mistakes! silaka betul! malas saya!

after the exam i went to meet the people who would have to sign for me continuing next semester's classes and they gave me so much trouble especially those accontants! i was so pissed off! i was like asking in a very loud voice and the accountant just looked down and answered:"please come back tomorrow!" bodoh punya accountant! malas saya! heshhhhh..tomorrow psychology test, i don't know if can pass or not! i want to give up already! sob......

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